Sarah & Chris: Boulder Wedding Photography

What a gorgeous Colorado wedding to kick of the wedding season at Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Boulder, Colorado. Everything turned out wonderfully!

Jamie Beth Photography

You know the stories about people falling in love at summer camp? Sarah & Chris are so that couple. After camp, came a long distance relationship with her in Colorado and him in Chicago. Then finally a job moved Chris out to the Rockies….how perfect. After a year long engagement came their wedding day this past weekend. The forecast predicted rain all day (but what do weathermen know….).  God had other things in mind. These two had a first look under umbrellas and afterwards Sarah insisted we stay outside. She was a bride full of joy and no amount of sprinkles were going to dampen her day. Just as the ceremony was going to begin, the sun peeked through, the rain stopped and these two got married! And the party was only beginning……because let me tell you, this was one crazy reception!

Congratulations Sarah & Chris. Your wedding day was…

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March Recap and Gearing up for Summer 2014!

March went by so quickly here at RC Special Events! We were able to participate in many wonderful events and have few exciting announcements of our own!

Last month, we told you to stay tuned for some pictures of upcoming events. Here are some of the highlights.

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Our crew arrived bright and early to begin the set up for FDGD 2014. The weather threw us some curveballs, but we succeeded in getting the tents in the air and the event went on!

tent set up.jpg

Photo Courtesy of: Deb DAndrea

Photos Courtesy of: James DeWalt. To see more photos click here.

Lincoln Center 2014 Wedding Show

We created a wedding ceremony set up on the outside patio at the Lincoln center for their 2014 Wedding Show . We used our Fruitwood Chiavari chairs and displayed an arch that was created using white pipe and drape.

All florals pictured were created by Paul Wood Florist in Fort Collins, CO. The pieces really tied our whole Spring look together.

Arch - pipe and drape.jpg

In this photo, you can also see our whiskey barrels that usually make up our whiskey barrel bar and can add just the right touch of rustic appeal to any gathering.

Whiskey Barrel Bar 2.jpgwhiskey barrel bar.jpg

Another piece that our custom Napa line offers are the Napa benches pictured here.

If you look closely, on the other side of the table, you can see the x-back rustic chair that will be new to our inventory this year. Stay tuned for more information!

x back chair.jpg

Inside the reception and lounge area, we used our new black lounge furniture to create a space with a more modern appeal. To the right of the furniture you can also see the black and chrome coffee tables we can offer. Complimentary stress ball anyone? Stop into our showrooms to get yours today!

Our new lounge furniture allows for some creativity. Here are two curved sections placed together for a unique appearance.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated additions to our inventory are these clear acrylic chairs called the Ghost Mirage Chair. Stay tuned for more information!

mirage ghost chair.jpg

Aspen International Fashion Week

As a Presenting Sponsor, we couldn’t have been more excited to participate in this wonderful event! Here are a few pictures of the Aprés Ski Stage. For more photos, please visit Aspen International Fashion Week on Facebook or at

In March, we also participated in a Bar Mitzvah celebration with Cherry Bomb Events in Boulder. We were able to transform this piece of land into a wonderful party setting.

Cherry bomb - during.jpg

We also provided a solid sub flooring  and carpeting for the tent as the ground was not quite level.

Our French doors provided the perfect entrance for the party tent and allowed for the heaters to do their job in keeping the guests warm!

Here is the finished product complete with our bistro and paper lantern lighting, black woodstyle chairs, tables, dinnerware, dance floor, and stage all beautifully styled by Cherry Bomb Events!

In other exciting RC news, we have added hundreds of brand new linens to our inventory. Our staff has begun inspecting, bagging, and tagging each linen so they can be entered into our booking system. Our crew also unpacked lots of new wine glasses for the upcoming season, 2,000 to be exact!

Additions like these ones allow us to continue being the largest Events Solution Company in Northern Colorado!

For those of you familiar with our Fort Collins location, you might have noticed a change on our building. We have FINALLY moved one of our existing company signs to the other side of our building to make it easier for customers to locate us on Riverside Ave in Fort collins. Many thanks to Signs Now Fort Collins, a neighboring business who did a great and safe job!ne wsign.jpg


Goodbye, February! Hello, March!

We hope you all have had a wonderful February! Many of you might already know that Feb is deemed the ‘Creative Romance’ month. For reasons, like Valentine’s Day, it’s not a big stretch to see why; However, we know that every event takes creative planning and dedication and what better way to draw motivation for such a feat than looking at February – The Creative Romance Month! We think this idea of ‘Creative Romance’ can translate into planning other events all year round.

On the romantic side of things, there are so many ways to translate this idea into an everyday event. Date nights are not confined to Valentine’s Day and it is time to transcend that traditional view. Picture this, you’re planning a special date night at home for your significant other. Instead of the same kitchen table they get to see everyday, why not up the ante and rent a specialty linen and runner to enhance the creative and romantic feel. Not sure you have the creative energy that it takes for such a thing, don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Members of our creative sales team are ready to help you put together the perfect look for your special eventing.

A few tips to help with the creative process:

1. Make plans early.

Nothing is worse than realizing what you envisioned in your head is no longer possible, because the items you wanted have already been distributed to other events. Giving yourself enough time allows for that creative boost and even if you change your mind, there is still time to.

2. Go a little out of your comfort zone.

If you aren’t usually too creative, branch out and coordinate with our sales associates for a unique look that will show the time and effort put into the night you have planned.

3. Don’t limit yourself to being “romantic”.

The ideas listed above can be duplicated for any event. Don’t let our translation of ‘creative romance’ make you forget that creativity is not limited to the romantic side. Any event demands a unique touch and here at RC Special Events, we can help you find what you are looking for!

Wedding Inspiration:

If you’re looking for romantic wedding inspiration, how about considering our tidewater tent? It really is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding.


For us here at RC Special Events 2014 has been a busy two months of getting prepared for summer 2014 events as well as completing events all over Northern Colorado. A few of the highlights have been:

Winter Xgames in Aspen, CO (Jan. 23rd-25th)

We provided tents, heat, staging, lighting, and furniture for this popular event!

Our new Lava Lite Patio Heaters added a special touch to the outside lounge area in Aspen, CO and helped guests keep warm in the cold temperatures!

Pewter Carpet with lounge furniture.jpg

New for 2014: Black Leather Lounge Furniture and pewter carpet. Our modern lounge look was a hit!

The Crowds enjoying DJ Tiesto’s performance!

Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) 

in Boulder, CO (Feb. 8th)

We provided bleachers for spectators at the event as well as warming tents with heaters, walls, and lighting.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Montowski who is a volunteer photographer with SOCO. To see the full album, click here.

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) in Boulder, CO (Feb. 13th-16th)

We loved being a part of the 10th annual BIFF festival! Here are some of our heated tents set up the day before the event began. To see more pictures go here.

BIFF 2014.jpg

March 2014 is bringing some exciting events! Be on the look out for us!

Frozen Dead Guy Days

March 7th – 9th

Nederland, CO

frozen dead guy days festival.jpg

Lincoln Center 2014 Wedding Show

Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 1pm-5pm

Fort Collins, CO

Come meet the finest professionals in catering, decorating, entertainment, photography and bridal fashion.

– Complimentary cocktails

– Spring bridal fashions

– Catered culinary treats

– Prizes & exciting giveaways

– Best of all, it’s FREE!!!!

Aspen International Fashion Week (AIFW)

March 13th – 16th

Aspen, CO

AIFW will be a 4-day event that is sure to be a hit and we are extremely excited to be a part of it!

The Great Debate: To Rent or Buy?

RC Special Events aims to make your events as stress-free and seamless as possible! While there are plenty of options  a person planning an event can look into for ways to buy items for their gathering, we are here to tell you that RENTING is the way to go!

A hot topic of debate in the event supply industry is whether to rent or buy. We have heard time and time again that we have allowed an ease of use that is unmatched. Even when borrowing from friends! This is due in part to the convenient way we send our products out. For example, we package all of our dinnerware and glassware and do not require you to wash the items before returning.

If you were to purchase large quantities of glassware and dinnerware you are then required to rinse, wash, and store them. If you’re like many, you do not have an industrial strength dishwasher, that can wash and dry large quantities in minutes.


We know many of our clients have entertained the idea of buying linens instead of renting. While weighing the pros and cons, consider this:

  • You will have to Iron, Launder, Store and fix any discrepancies when your linens arrive.
  • You will also have to find a way to transport the linens to your venue in such a way that does not cause wrinkling or dirtying.
  • Your venue may not allow the time you would like to allow for your own set up/take down.
  •  It is important to be realistic about the time you and your family members will have the day of the event.

When renting, your biggest decision will be whether or not to have our crews set them on the tables for you. This way, you don’t have to commision your family and friends to work for you on your big day.

 DIY projects are increasing in popularity lately and for good reason. Sites like Pinterest and other blogs showcasing people’s abilities make it easy for everyone to tap into their creative abilities. Just make sure you don’t get in over your head! Sure making your own fabrics seems like the way to go when you’re a year and a half out, but what happens when you realize that you have bitten off more than you can handle and the big day is less than 6 months away?

We even offer event furniture and decor items that will make planning your event effortless.

In 2013 our Lounge seating was incredibly popular for events. We have since added to our inventory for lounge seating. We now offer this black leather lounge furniture and coffee tables along with our 4′ x 4′ lounge seats. All are pictured below.


IMG_4275 (2)

new coffee table

If you are interested in our lighting options, please check here.

Consider visiting with RC Special Events and allow for one of our fantastic Sales Associates to sit down with you for a ‘Modern Consultation’ so that we can help give you some creative solutions options that will help alleviate  some of the ‘stressors’ that can potentially come with planning large events.  Our goal here at RC Special Events is to find ways to reduce the potential stress levels for our clients and allow for them to “Own the Moment… and Rent the WOW!”

Visually Unforgettable: The Importance of Event Lighting

The importance of lighting at any event, especially a wedding, is often underestimated. We are here to tell you that it is definitely one of the most important planning decisions.

A fellow event planner once said, “Setting an atmosphere and creating a dramatic first impression is why mood lighting is so vital to any event. Get the lighting (and sound) right and you are well on your way to creating a dynamic event.”

With all the time spent planning your special day, you want to be able to show off your hard work. You won’t be able to do that if your lighting isn’t right!

Our lighting professionals are available to make your dreams a reality. They have transformed even the most unlikely venue spaces and have created fantastic visuals to enhance walls and dance floors.

It is important to make sure that the bride isn’t the only thing beaming in the room! Let us guide you along while illuminating ideas for your perfect lighting design!

Among the lighting techniques that can be used is LED uplighting, which can enhance a venue’s internal architecture. In this example, we used LED lighting behind the liner of a Navitrac tent to provide a color wash effect.

led lighting

In this picture you can also see a few paper lanterns (Also called Fabric Globe lights) that we can offer for your event through a lighting package. In these lanterns, you can use LED lights to illuminate them or 110W light bulbs, or stick to basics and go with the traditional look. These lanterns have become a unique way to decorate a venue and the best part is, they are customizable! If these are your lighting option of choice, we can definitely help you determine the amount needed for your venue.

fabric globe lanterns

Similar to the round paper lanterns are the Grapevine Orbs wrapped with twinkle lights.

They are a really great fit for rustic events and can complement our Napa tables. The lightweight quality of these orbs allows them to be installed in any tent or venue.

grapevine orb with twinkle lightsgrapevine orbs

Theatrical lighting is another customization technique that has always been a special type of lighting for corporate events and weddings alike. Gobo lights, or “Go Between”/”Goes Before Optics” light add just the right amount of special touch. Here at RC Special Events, we bring in our lighting expert to make sure they turn out just right. This lighting style involves manipulating the light that is cast over a space or object from the light source. To do so, a piece of material with patterned holes, through which light passes, is placed in the beam of light to allow only the desired “shape” or pattern through while blocking the rest of the light and casting a specific shadow/light into the space.

Check out these examples of Gobo lighting that RC has used!

gobo lighting

wedding gobo2

wedding gobothere with care gobo

A member of our operations crew took this while on site at an event we were able to work with in Vail. You can see the event name being projected into the pool.

Having the right lighting at your event can make the whole evening, but imagine the effect a special moniker or symbol could bring to the night. Definitely an exciting way to spice up your event.  imageimage_1image_2

Another popular lighting technique that is hung from the ceiling is chandeliers. We offer a large crystal chandelier and mini chandeliers to suit your event.

Crystal Chandelier

crystal chandelier

Mini Chandelier

mini chandeliers

Mini Swirl Chandelier

mini swirl chandelier

In this picture, you can see our mini chandeliers combined with our silk drum lights.

silk drum lights

A form of lighting that doesn’t involve low hanging items from the ceiling are Twinkle Lights. These strands of electric lights are the most versatile of all the lighting that RC Special Events can provide. They can be used to illuminate the ceiling of a clear top tent, or they can bring life to the center poles of a pole tent.

Festoon twinkle lights

These lights, commonly referred to as Par lights or can lights, can be rented with or without a stand. These lights are popular because of the color gels that can be placed over the light to create a cool color effect on a wall or item you wish to illuminate.

par lightpar lights with stand

These are just a few of the Event Lighting techniques that RC Special Events can offer. Talk to our lighting professionals about what you want to achieve and let them guide you to get this all-important aspect right.


Our Napa Collection at Frogbelly Farm

This is a great venue for Weddings and Special Events. If you would like to get in touch with them for your special event, here is the contact info:

Frog Belly Farm

5255 Rogers Road

Longmont, CO. 80503




RC Special Events helps a large amount of clients who use Frog belly Farm as their venue. We love how our Napas look in the location and our tents definitely don’t hurt the scenery either!