Rent a Tent for Any Event! (The Inside Scoop on Which Tent Fits Best for Your Event)

We love tents!  But sometimes it can be confusing which tent is best for your event; so RC Special Events has you covered (literally!)

Pop-up Tent:

This tent is the smallest and most versatile tent we own!  Measuring 10×10, this tent is great for festival vendor booths, backyard shade, or anything you can think of! This tent has the flexibility to be staked into the ground for a grassy event location, or we can provide weights for events on concrete or hard surfaces.

Canopy Tents:

This tent is a step up from the pop-up tent, but convenient for customer installation!! These tents are great for backyard parties, or anywhere you can stake! This tent varies in size from 15×15 to 20×30.  We give you all the parts and pieces, and with a couple friends you will have a beautiful tent to share with your guests!

Q-Peak Tents:

Q Peak tents are a great solution for smaller events, catering tents, or to add an extension to one of our large tents.  Commonly referred to as “DIA Peak Tents”, these tents have the flexibility to go wherever the event is!  (and who can resist that crisp look?!)


Pole Tents:

The pole tent is a very fun looking ten because it resembles that of a circus tent, and pair well with the Q-Peak tents because of their beautiful peaks!

Here at RC, we carry them in an assortment of sizes that helps those who are following a strict budget, or need to accommodate a particular guest count. This type of tent is much more durable then that of a canopy tent and must be put in a space where the tent can be staked.  And to top it off, our 60′ wide and larger tents are wind rated!

This tent has plenty of accessories that help dress-up the tent, so ask an RC Sales Associate today how you can make this tent perfect for your event!


Frame / Navitrac Tents:

Our Frame / Navitrac tents are perfect for weddings, corporate events, concerts and so much more!  This tent has the ability to be staked or weighted, and can accommodate large guest counts!

This type of tent is wind rated (perfect for Colorado weather!!), and allows for wonderful upgrades such as luxurious sidewalls, French doors and more…with this tent style our décor options are limitless!


Clearspan Structure Tent:

Get ready for this one… this is the absolute largest tent that we have. But, it’s not just the largest tent at RC, it’s the biggest one that exists in all of Northern Colorado!! (cue the ooo’s and aaahh’s…) This big boy is for BIG events. You have about a million and one friends?? Good! Because we have a tent for that too!


No matter how big or small the event, how casual or fancy the occasion… we have just the tent to fit! 

Whether you’re having a boisterous BBQ at a local park, a large corporate party, or an intimate ceremony, we have just the tent that will accommodate all of the above!  Make sure to call an RC Special Events sales associate to help you determine the best fit and size for your event!


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